Laura Ashley listellos. Ceramic Tile Laura Ashley listellos.

Nothing says "classy" like ceramic tile. It's probably the most beautiful flooring, wall, and counter option available. Ceramic tile has the most natural appearance, excellent durability, and many possible shapes, sizes, and colors.
A ceramic glazed face. Tile with border inserts.
Many of today's ceramic tiles take on the appearance of natural stone.
This is a nice option for those trying to get away from obviously man-made floorcoverings.

Folks remodeling their kitchens have a wide range of trim pieces to choose from.
Bullnose pieces finish off the edges beautifully, counter rails round out the sharp edges, and decorative listellos and liners add splash to backsplashes.
Fruit decos on a splash. Feature trim rail.
Gilford's uses diamond-bladed wet saws to get those perfect cuts when we install. Cement backerboards are used behind and below tiles. Our grouts contain additives for strength and our grout sealers help to release stains that will occur over the life of your tile.

Ceramic tile is popular world wide. Many of our products are imported. Some of the Italian ceramics reflect centuries of classic beauty. Our local distributors provide us with literally tons of options to pass on to you.

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